FEATURES OF Safeon Power purifier

Shock Free Life :

It makes the supply of electric current 'SHOCK FREE' i.e, if you install this device after main power supply, current after this device will be “100% SHOCK FREE”.

Short Circuit Protection :

In seconds AI chip sense and restrict the power flow. Highly sensitive Switching Logic is used.

Safe Electric Repair :

Without any fear of shock you may do or get electric repair, which besides safeguarding you also protects you from probable worker liability.

Over Load Security :

In seconds AI chip sense and restrict the power flow. Save loss from overheating of wires and possible short circuit.

Act as a Stabilizer :

It safeguards domestic appliances from Voltage fluctuations.

Surge & Spike Absorber :

Every electrical appliance has a tolerance level to handle voltage. If it breaches tolerance level for more than 3 nanoseconds, it is surge and if less than 3 nanoseconds then spike.
Very delicate devices like music systems, Computers, microwave oven etc are hyper sensitive to electric surge and spike. This device absorbs such sudden increase in voltage.