Shock Free Life : It makes the supply of electric current 'SHOCK FREE' i.e, if you install this device after main power supply, current after this device will be “100% SHOCK FREE”.

Short Circuit Protection : In seconds AI chip sense and restrict the power flow. Highly sensitive Switching Logic is used.

Safe Electric Repair : without any fear of shock you may do or get electric repair, which besides safeguarding you also protects you from probable worker liability.

Over Load Security : In seconds AI chip sense and restrict the power flow. Save loss from overheating of wires and possible short circuit.

Act as a Stabilizer : It safeguards domestic appliances from Voltage fluctuations.

Surge & Spike Absorber : Every electrical appliance has a tolerance level to handle voltage. If it breaches tolerance level for more than 3 nanoseconds, it is surge and if less than 3 nanoseconds then spike.
Very delicate devices like music systems, Computers, microwave oven etc are hyper sensitive to electric surge and spike. This device absorbs such sudden increase in voltage.

Act as an Inbuilt Inverter : It has its own uniqueness over available market variants.